What can I say about this couple… they were absolutely amazing to work with. Mari and Phil were referred to me by one of my brides from last year. I remember when Mari first contacted me, she reminded me she was the girl rock’n out to Thriller! Ahhh, yes, I most certainly will never forget that performance, girl can move! Shortly afterwords, I had the pleasure of meeting Phil, whom I found out later is certainly no stranger to the dance floor either. Fast forward a year to their Wedding Day. 

The ceremony was set in the gorgeous main garden at Duke Gardens. Before running out the door that morning, I checked the forecast one last time. Naturally it was calling for scattered T-storms all afternoon. Ugh! But worry about that later, I had a date with Mari and the girls…

   Now, before I proceed, please note Mari’s pose in the center photo. She gave me this look several times throughout the day, you will see it again!

Thankfully the gloomy clouds stayed at bay just long enough for us to get some really cool photos of the ceremony, Bridal Party and intimate shots of Mari and Phil.

 This was interesting, something I had never seen before… The wedding rings were passed along to each member of the Bridal Party to be blessed before being handed over to the Bride and Groom.




No more than 20 seconds after we finished shooting, Mari was booking it to the bus for cover, leaving Phil in her dust. I have never seen a bride run so fast yet so elegantly in a wedding dress, quite an amazing sight.

After Duke Gardens we headed over to one of my favorite places to shoot… Bay 7. It is a very unique building, once a Tobacco Factory it has since been converted into a lovely Reception/Events Hall next to the Durham Bulls Ballpark.


  Towards the end of the night, just as the Bulls game was letting out and the rain finally stopped, I asked Mari and Phil if they were interested in getting a few night shots… I am so happy they said yes

  Congratulations Mari and Phil!!! 

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