Congratulations to Jennifer and Chris! They chose All Saints Chapel as the backdrop for their late Summer wedding. Jennifer was stunning in her lace gown which was completed with a gorgeous bouquet and a handsome groom on her side. Chris arrived in style by trolley with his gaggle of groomsmen who were quite entertaining throughout the day!

Chris had a smile from ear to ear as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle arm and arm with her dad who could hardly control his emotions. Guests looked on eagerly as Dad gave away his daughter. The ceremony was lovely especially with the ray of sun that sparkled through the stain glass window and highlighted the couple as they exchanged vows. Afterwards, we headed to Cobblestone Hall where Jennifer and Chris joined their guests for an elegant first dance and several special toasts. Last to toast the couple was Jennifer’s Father who, again, could hardly hold back his emotions. Neither could anyone else in the room.

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