I had the best time last week with Maria and Rick. I wanted to take them to a park that I had never photographed before, and they were game! From there we traveled to my favorite place to photograph, the Raleigh Train Depot. Technically we are not supposed to be on the train tracks but I just can’t help myself, I love it! Oh, and while we were there, a train came thru and you should have seen me book it, I mean dust trails and all. I think Maria and Rick had a good laugh at my expense. The session as a whole was a success, but mostly due to Maria and Rick and just how darn adorable they are with each other. I was able to capture some very lovely moments between the two of them. Can’t wait for their wedding! 

We had a friend who followed us around the park. I didn’t have any food for him but he looks well taken care of. I think Maria enjoyed his company. 

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  1. How cute!!! They are so perfect for each other!!!! I wish them nothing but the best….I am so happy :0D

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