For those of you who do not know me, I grew up in Lancaster, PA and moved to North Carolina shortly after college. I never expected to have an opportunity to photograph a wedding in my hometown. So you can probably imagine my excitement when Carolann, mother-of-the-bride, contacted me to photograph Kelly and Nate’s wedding. The bride, Kelly, grew up across the street from me and I hadn’t seen her in many, many years. I was delighted to see what a lovely woman she has grown into. The day of the wedding was my first opportunity to meet the groom, Nathan. He is one of those people when you first meet them, you feel like you have known them forever. He was so easy to work with and kept me laughing all day long. The wedding was downtown at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. I had been there many times before, but this was my first time photographing it. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful Church in Lancaster.

Shortly after the ceremony, we headed to the reception at The Inn at Leola Village. Another little gem I never knew about. The Inn housed many unique indoor locations to use as a backdrop for the couple portraits. My two favorites were the billiards room and the wine cellar in Mazzi’s Restaurant. The staff there was so accommodating and I was able to get some fantastic shots!

The reception was equally gorgeous with multi-colored walls (I won’t lie, this made me nervous) and beautiful red draped curtains, wooden floors and a stone fireplace. It was just breathtaking! After dinner the dance floor opened up and I don’t remember much after that. I just laughed the entire night, what a party!

 Congratulations Kelly and Nate!


  1. Great pics so far Megan!


  2. Eric Battershell

    Hey Megan,
    Could you give me some photoshop tips on what you did with these photos? I have another wedding coming up on the 26th. Ideas like backlighting, position of flash in certain lighting conditions, sharpness of subjects. Thanks!!! Wondering if I need a different flash!

    • Hey Eric, I almost always shoot with my flash off camera. I typically set it up in a corner near a white/cream or other light colored wall to get the best tones on my subject. My off camera flash is usually placed either behind me or off to a side. I always bounce the light so that shadows are not visible. The only time I put the flash directly on my subject is when I backlight them – this is a great technique to get a very dramatic image. I typically do very little editing to receptions, just adjust exposure, sharpen and color correct if necessary. Now, for the inside intimate portraits of the couple in the billiards room, I used the surrounding ambient light to highlight my subject. Hope this helps!


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