Last month my husband and I accompanied Ola and Xavier to the Western Caribbean to celebrate (and photograph) their wedding with their family and friends. Words cannot express how much fun we had, it was tough to come home to reality.

We started our trip in Miami. Ola, who is originally from Miami, gave Bob and I a tour of South Beach. It was gorgeous, I hope to return someday soon. We had to wait for the stormy weather to pass, but were able to capture some amazing nighttime shots.

The next day we boarded the ship destined for Grand Cayman. With 1 day at sea ahead of us, we settled into our cabin and joined Ola, Xavier and their family and friends for dinner. I wanted their families to adopt me and Bob, we had so much fun getting to know everyone!  

But it wasn’t all fun and games, I had a job to do and was eager to set foot on land for their wedding day.

 Ola and Xavier were married overlooking the water at Grand Cayman. Thankfully the rain waited until after the end of the ceremony, phew!

Once the rain stopped we headed back to the ship for dinner and dancing! What a night… Ola’s family treated us to some very entertaining traditional Arabic dances while Xavier and his boys wowed the crowd with a great rendition of Superman by Soulja Boy. They attempted to pull Bob onto the dance floor for this but my hubby has two left feet so good thing that never materialized.

Our next stop on the cruise was Isla Roatan (Honduras). If you ever have a chance to visit the Caribbean this island should be at the top of your list. It was breathtaking. It reminded me a lot of St. Lucia. We accompanied the group to the beach for the day. While there, Ola and Xavier changed into their wedding attire for a little fun photoshoot on the sand and in the water. By the time we started shooting it was a bit overcast, but I love the vintage look-n-feel. The credit really should go to Ola and Xavier who just nailed every pose.

Ok, I need to explain this one. While we were shooting in the water, there were many onlookers ashore, but this guy continued to swim circles around us. I tried to shoot around him but it was inevitable he would end up in at least one frame. It makes me laugh.

After Isla Roatan we headed to Belize. So here is my advice if you ever visit Belize City. When you get off the boat, do not (and I repeat), do not get into the first cab that says they will take you to a white sand beach. Bob and I were not the only ones in our group who fell for this trick. Thus I don’t have any photos to share from our day in Belize. I plan to visit there again soon and will be better prepared.

Our last stop on the Cruise was Cozumel. We chose not to stay in Cozumel, but instead headed for the mainland to tour the Mayan Ruins at Tulum. After melting in the sun for a few hours touring the ruins we decided to head down below and refresh in the crystal clear blue Caribbean waters. At least that was the plan. I wanted to spend some time photographing Ola and Xavier all dolled up again on the beach. I placed them on these gorgeous rocks along the beach and started shooting. The next thing I know, Bob runs up to me and tells me to put my camera down, security is on their way. Yikes! So apparently, the beach at Tulum is considered part of the ruins, thus no professional photography is allowed. Fare enough, I was just disappointed  I didn’t have enough time to pose Ola and Xavier in the water. Oh well. I still love the rock pics!

Here is the gang in Tulum, minus Bob and I of course.We wanted to capture sunset pictures all week. I checked the sunset almost every night and it always seemed to be cloudy. But the second to last night on the ship, the sunset was perfect!

This last shot was taken from aboard the ship looking out over Miami.

 Congratulations Ola and Xavier. Bob and I had a blast and can’t thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day fun!

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