Congratulations to Maria and Rick who were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at The Matthews House in Cary, followed by a Korean themed reception filled with plenty of memorable moments. But I will get to that later.

Maria looked absolutely radiant in her wedding dress and check out her fabulous shoes! Rick was glowing as he watched his bride walk down the aisle arm and arm with her mother and father. Both giggled thru the ceremony and shed a few tears as guests toasted them.

As each guest entered the reception they picked up a table place card with their names spelled out in Korean and were treated to intricate origami flowers which decorated each table. 

To celebrate Maria’s heritage, the couple dressed up in traditional Korean wedding dress. I believe Maria’s dress is her mother’s original wedding dress. And Rick was a sport and actually had fun playing dress-up.

In a traditional Korean wedding, brides wear a chogori, a short jacket with long sleeves. Two ribbons are tied to the jacket to form the otkorum. A full-length wraparound skirt is worn. Boat shaped shoes made of silk, worn with cotton socks, complete the ensemble. The bride also has two red circles painted on her cheeks (in this case, Maria used red stickers), which keep evil spirits away. Grooms sport a jacket, trousers, a black hat and an overcoat. Sometimes a vest is worn over the shirt.

Korean brides participate in a traditional introduction ceremony where she is accepted into the groom’s family. The bride offers dates and chestnuts, a symbol of children. The groom’s family proffers sake, a rice wine. At this time, the groom’s father throws red dates at his daughter-in-law to offer good luck with fertility. In the picture below, Maria was just informed the meaning of the dates…. her reaction is priceless! Today, this ceremony, known as p’ye-baek, is usually held at the reception. Other family members might give gifts of cash in white envelopes.

Another element of the ceremony is for the groom to carry his bride around the room, followed by his mother, and finally his father. Trust me when I tell you this was a hit amongst the guests!Congratulations Maria and Rick! 

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