Julianna, her dad, and I had originally planned to shoot at Duke Gardens, but since the weather was not going to work with us, we settled on the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro. This was another first for me and I was eager to take on the challenge. I arrived a little early to scope out a few location inside the hotel. I was awestruck at the beauty of this hotel. How could I have not known about this place?

Julianna was absolutely radiant in her dress and such a pleasure to work with. She was eager to try just about anything, except run out in the rain. No, I did not ask her to do that and would not dare. But she was patient as we had to setup the lighting for each location and even through out a few really cool ideas I had not thought of. It was a blast!

Thank goodness for rain!

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  1. Found this post on the Proximity’s Facebook page-stunning! Yes, this is a fabulous hotel to shoot in. I love love love the way you utilized the curtains in the lower lobby. And what a beautiful bride, and a gorgeous dress.

    Thank goodness for rain indeed, lol!

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