Meet Scarlett (greyhound) and her family! Scarlett was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer last March. She lost her back leg and has been receiving treatment since to prolong her life. I met Scarlett earlier this month for a photo session with her siblings and she is such a sweetheart. Scarlett is not letting cancer slow her down, she easily kept pace with younger brother Sampson (chocolate lab). Also exploring Umstead State Park with us was little Penny who mostly hung out with grandpa while the other two raced around. I think she was a little overwhelmed with the enormity of her surroundings. After visiting the Park we headed back home to meet the last member of the family, Zadok the cat. I was warned that Zadok was an unusually large cat, and having one at home myself, I was not phased. I was wrong. Zadok is big!!! But such a love bug as you can see. Don’t let his size full you, he is a very active, playful kitty.

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