I met Susan and Mike over a year ago and have absolutely fallen in love with them! Susan is truly an angel and Mike is one of the most considerate and kind hearted people I have ever met. They were a dream to work with and watching them fall in love all over again thru the lens of my camera is something I am so happy to have been able to experience.

Susan and Mike chose the 21st floor of the Capital City Club to exchange their vows among their closest family and friends. Susan was absolutely radiant as she walked down the aisle.

Afterwards, we had planned to take 2-3 hours for pictures outside, but the weather had other ideas. As gusts of wind funneled through the Downtown Raleigh skyline, and threatening rain clouds overhead, we attempted to get at least a few pics before the day was thru. Thankfully it never rained, and Susan’s hair managed to stay in place, well, for the most part. So as not to have Susan arrive to the reception all disheveled from the wind, we decided to return to Downtown Raleigh a few weeks later!

Once we arrived to the reception, guests quickly took their seats as the Bride and Groom were announced. Susan and Mike started their first dance cascading around the dance floor. Then the music suddenly stopped, and guests looked around at each other with confused faces. The music queued again as Susan and Mike broke out into a choreographed dance highlighting many of the popular and sometimes corny dances of the past few decades. Guests roared with laughter!

Congratulations Susan and Mike!

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