Last week I had the best time photographing young William Farley and family! We scheduled the shoot over two days to accommodate big brother Walker’s school schedule. And since I am friends with mom and dad, I was thrilled to have 2 days with the boys! Walker is almost three and he could not be more excited to have a little brother. So excited that he sometimes forgets how gentle you have to be with a newborn. But I know little William is in good hands.

Mom, Dad and William joined me at my studio for day 2 of our portrait session. William was wide awake when they arrived and hungry. Once his belly was full he fell fast asleep, so I picked up my camera and away we went! Mom was there to help assist, and although sleep deprived she was a trooper. Apparently I have a new nickname… the baby whisperer. I love it! Too bad my magic does not work on my own child, ha ha.

Please help me welcome William Farley to the world! I look forward to many more photoshoots as the boys grow!

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