Well into her 3rd trimester, Brittany was a little hesitant to get in front of the lens. Having been pregnant myself, I completely understand her uneasiness. The anticipation of a new baby’s arrival is exciting, but it is equally frustrating to see what your body goes through and looking in the mirror at the end of the day can be a hard pill to swallow. My advice, embrace the extra lbs, it is natural and healthy. And although you may not feel pretty, to the rest of the world, there is nothing more beautiful than an expectant mother.

We started out session in a forest near my home. It was 60 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. But with a little post editing, I think I was able to achieve a beautiful sunny day jut after a snowfall… I think?

Next we settled on a rather dull field with weeds near a factory. I drive by this location every day and thought, wow, that would be a gorgeous backdrop. We waited until sunset and I am 100% in love with the final product. I will definitely be using this location for future sessions.


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