Most of my clients request the “Froggy pose” during their newborn session. I love this image but it is not a natural pose for a newborn and not every baby will do it. The baby must be in sleepy mode and is supported at all times. As I mentioned, this is not a natural pose for newborns. They are not yet strong enough to support their head. So I thought I would share how this adorable pose is done!

I don’t normally have an assistant with me, so I will often ask mom or dad to help out. First we start with the assistant holding both the babies head and pinching the arms together. It is key that the palms of the babies hands are under their chin and slightly forward to prevent any restriction of their airway. Once baby is comfortably resting, I will have the assistant remove their hand that is pinching the babies arms together while still supporting the babies head.

Next, I will have the assistant place their hands back on the babies arms and pinch them together to help support the weight of the babies head. Once the baby is fully supported again, the assistant will remove their hand that is supporting the babies head. The babies head may drop a little and that is okay. The idea is to get a crisp hairline that I can edit later.

Finally, in post-editing, I will combine the images to create the Froggy pose!

Newborn portrait photography sessions are ideally scheduled within 6-10 days of birth. Sessions are photographed in my studio in Raleigh, NC, just minutes from Holly Springs, Apex, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Clayton & I-40. However, I will travel to your home upon special request. Sessions last approximately 2-4 hours with plenty of breaks for feeding and changing.

A typical newborn portrait session will begin with 3-4 different prop setups of just baby before moving on to family portraits with the baby and siblings. There is no additional cost for incorporating parents and siblings into the session. When you book your session months before baby arrives, we will schedule a time to meet to discuss which props and setups you would like to use. I always like to include colors from the nursery into the session. I have a large collection of props, posing outfits, headbands, tutus, hats, bonnets, bow ties, blankets and baskets for you to choose from. But I will encourage you to bring heirlooms, blankets, toys or any item with sentimental value to incorporate into your baby’s newborn portraits.

Get ready to LOVE your baby even more – watching them sleep is such a beautiful thing! However, don’t be surprised if it takes your little bundle of joy a good while to get into “baby model mode.” They aren’t used to being handled this much, but with a full belly, a warm and cozy environment, and lots of love, they will be snoozing in no time!

Newborn Portrait Pricing

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