Most of the best things in life only last for a brief time. Moms are only pregnant for a few months, and the newborn phase only lasts for a little while. Babies sure don’t keep, and toddlers turn into little people faster than any mom or dad wants to see. The years you have with your kids at home fly by, and they are off starting families of their own before you know it.

To help you document and always remember these special times, Megan Kime Photography offers professional family, newborn, and maternity photographs in the Raleigh, NC area.

Our family portrait sessions make it easy for you to see the progression of your family over the years. Megan Kime Photography can help you document as your family goes from one, to three, to five children. We can help you capture everything from the toddler hugs to the young adults who look just like you. We can even get together everyone from grandparents to grandchildren to help you create an heirloom photograph that will be cherished for years to come. Whether you like to take your family photos each spring or every winter for your holiday cards, we can book your session at any point during the year.

Newborn photo sessions have also become extremely popular over the last several years, and it is easy to see why. Babies grow so quickly, so it’s nice to have professional photographs that document just how tiny your baby was when he or she was first born. It’s also great to see the excitement from the siblings who also love to hold their new baby brother or sister. We typically handle these sessions in Megan’s studio in downtown Raleigh, but we can also come to your home upon request.

To help you bring your photographs full circle, Megan Kime Photography is also excited to capture your maternity photographs. Once the baby is born, it is easy for moms to quickly forget what their bumps looked and felt like. With professional newborn photographs, you can always remember this special time, as your little one was comfy and cozy in your belly.

For professional photographs in the Raleigh, NC area, contact Megan Kime Photography today.